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  • Ignite your One Piece collection with the fiery Sanji Figure from the Ichiban Kuji Series. This dynamic figure captures the essence of the Straw Hat Pirates' suave cook, Sanji, in his signature suit from the Dressrosa arc. A masterful blend of motion and emotion is frozen in time, with Sanji's leg engulfed in fiery flames, ready to unleash his powerful Diable Jambe technique. The attention to detail is evident in the figure's precise sculpting, from Sanji's well-groomed blonde hair and confident smirk down to the characteristic fiery aura. This figure is not just a collectible; it's a piece of art that embodies Sanji's passion and strength, making it a prized acquisition for fans and serious collectors.

    Sanji Ichiban Kuji Treasure Cruise

    Only 1 left in stock

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