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  • Unleash the explosive power of Katsuki Bakugo with this meticulously crafted figure from the acclaimed series "My Hero Academia." Standing in dynamic battle pose, this figure captures Bakugo's fierce determination and fiery spirit. The detailed craftsmanship highlights his iconic hero costume, complete with grenade bracers and his signature spiky hair. The addition of a translucent, flame-effect accessory brings his Quirk, "Explosion," to life, making it a vibrant centerpiece for any fan's collection. Each element, from the lifelike facial expression to the vibrant color palette, is designed to celebrate the essence of Bakugo's character. This collector's item is not just a figure; it's a tribute to the hero's journey of one of U.A. High School's most ambitious students

    Katsugi Bakugo (Ichibankuji Ultra Impact)

    Only 1 left in stock
    • 5.5 inches

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