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  • Unleash the mysterious aura of Gabimaru the Hollow with this exquisitely crafted figure from the Vibration Stars series. Standing tall with an intense gaze, Gabimaru is portrayed mid-pose, capturing the essence of his stealthy movements from the acclaimed series "Hell's Paradise." The figure's detailed sculpting from his flowing garments to the unique texture of his hair, expresses his silent but deadly demeanor. The dynamic composition of this collectible, set against a backdrop of fiery reds and cool techno-cyber aesthetics, adds an extraordinary presence to any collection. Made with fans in mind, this figure brings Gabimaru's stoic and determined spirit to life.

    Gabimaru (Vibration Stars)

    ₨7,400.00 Regular Price
    ₨7,000.00Sale Price
    Out of Stock
    • 5.5 inches

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